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6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2017

Having your website take over by hackers is not what any webmaster dreams of. That’s why it is important to make sure your website is secured. Thankfully if you run your website on WordPress, there are some security plugins to help you stay safe. These plugins will prevent code or SQL injection attacks.

Below are the best WordPress Security plugins that we think all webmasters should install on their Websites

1. Security Ninja

Security Ninja PRO Premium WordPress Plugin

Check your site for security vulnerabilities with one click and get info on many security aspects. It offers suggestions on what you can do to fix any potential security issues. Security Ninja simply analyzes your WordPress site to find any exploits that may exist.


  • perform 40+ security tests including brute-force attacks
  • check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes
  • checks for Timthumb vulnerability
  • take preventive measures against attacks
  • don’t let script kiddies hack your site
  • use included code snippets for quick fixes
  • extensive help and descriptions of tests included
  • Core Scanner module – compares all core files to their master copies on wp.org
  • Malware Scanner module – makes sure your theme and plugin files are clean
  • Events Logger module – saves every single event that happens on the site, including all failed login attempts
  • Scheduled Scanner module – runs tests on its own, so you don’t have to


2. Verifile Security – Detect Hacked & Edited Files

Verifile Security - Detect Hacked & Edited Files


Verifile Security is the all in one security solution for database driven websites! It?s simple to use, and notifies you as soon as it detects either a new file, or a change in an existing one, via email. Verifile Security implements an ?install and forget? model, allowing it to run in the background without requiring any work from you!


  • Easy to install
  • New / edited / hacked file detection
  • Recursive file scanning
  • Immediate email notifications
  • Secure login system
  • Automated background scanning
  • No hassle & easy to use!


3. WP Security Manager

WP Security Manager WordPress Plugin


WP Security Manager is a WordPress Security plugin that provides all in one security solutions to your WP site.


  • Block malicious IPs both automatically & manually
  • Prevent from keylogging with virtual keyboard
  • Hide WP admin and change WP login URL
  • Bot protection with CAPTCHA in login, register & comment forms
  • Protect from brute-force login attack
  • Supervise login activities by screenshot
  • Alert via email with login attacks using screenshot
  • Detect admin and change username screenshot
  • Change the ID on the user with ID 1.


4. Swift Security Bundle – Hide WordPress

Swift Security Bundle - Premium WordPress Plugin


With the Swift Security plugin you can make your WordPress website more secure with a single click. A great advantage of the plugin is that you don’t need any special technical knowledge.

Swift Security – Feature List

  • 1-Click Activation
  • Hide the fact that you are using WordPress by changing the default name of the directories and files, without having to modify your original structure (for example: wp-admin, wp-content). The magic happens on the fly.
  • Rename any file. (For example: You can rename the original readme.html without having to physically modify it.)
  • Change any string in the source code. This is useful when a plugin uses detailed CSS class names from which robots can determine that you are using WordPress.
  • Pre-configured firewall with security levels to filter the malicious attacks against your WordPress site.
  • IP/GEO Filter
  • Anti-Brute Force function
  • Comment Spam Blocker
  • Security logs
  • Email/Push notifications
  • CSS/JavaScript minifier
  • HTML Comment Remover
  • Code Scanner to find the vulnerabilities in your plugins and in your system. This feature comes with the possibility to schedule scans at different time intervals.
  • Import/Export settings
  • Automatic Troubleshooting
  • Custom Logout Page
  • Nginx Support
  • Multisite Support (apache only)


5. Smart Security Tools

Smart Security Tools WordPress Plugin


Smart Security Tools is a powerful plugin for improving security of your WordPress powered website. Plugin contains collection of tweaks and tools for extra security protection along with Security Advisor that can help you determine what needs to be done.

Smart Security Tools comes with the following features:

  • 20 general and .htaccess security tweaks
  • 20 security tests with Security Advisor
  • Tools to change admin or any username
  • Integrated Sucuri Free Security Scanner
  • Powerful database-based security log
  • Ban malicious IP’s from security log
  • Support for WordPress multi-side mode
  • Export and import plugin settings


6. WP-Lens – Security and Analysis

WP-Lens - Security and Analysis WordPress Plugin


WP-Lens – Security and Analysis is the ultimate plugin for WordPress security analysis on your current theme and WordPress installation. WP-Lens combines a variety of checks and mechanisms that give you a clear picture of your current state of security and installation.

It comes with the following features:

  • Check for account named admin
  • Determines if the default table prefix is being used
  • MySQL DB password strength
  • MySQL DB username strength
  • Looks to see if admin users authenticate over SSL
  • Checks to see if the template editor is enabled.
  • Checks if plugins can be added/edited/removed through the admin
  • Checks if WordPress is up-to-date
  • Checks if you are a plugin hoarder
  • Blogspam analysis
  • Database Query analysis
  • Image analysis checks
  • File permissions on certain directory’s
  • Other useful WordPress and Security Hardening information